Mera Family Child Care

Mera Family Child Care

1572 E 42nd St Los Angeles, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, In Home

Ages served

Up to 7 yrs




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About Mera Family Child Care

Mera Family Child Care supplies early care and education for the families of Los Angeles in a cozy, intimate in-home environment that’s friendly for parents, staff and students alike! Home-based care like the care at Mera Family Child Care means small group sizes, a family-like environment and a close relationship between parents and providers that families can really count on. It’s not just about the care, though, as the in-home setting also provides children the peers of like ages to play, learn and laugh with. Mera Family Child Care moreover offers a full-time schedule, making it convenient for parents to drop their children off in the morning and know they’ll have plenty of time for everything else in the day they need to take care of. With a full-time schedule, as well, teachers and staff have the luxury of getting to know students in-depth, day in and day out. Parents can have the confidence that their children are growing, learning and playing in a structured environment.

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