Mkrtchian Family Child Care

Mkrtchian Family Child Care

6318 Atoll Ave Van Nuys, CA

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

Up to 6 yrs


7am - 7pm


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Program details

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About Mkrtchian Family Child Care

It’s all about students and how they learn at Mkrtchian Family Child Care. Mkrtchian Family Child Care provides early care and education in an in-home setting, which can be ideal for families looking to replicate the best of the comfort and familiarity of home paired with supervised, non-family adult care and instruction and a peer setting for children. Children at Mkrtchian Family Child Care will be a part of small group sizes and be able to learn, explore and play day in and day out with those that will soon become fast friends! Mkrtchian Family Child Care likewise affords Los Angeles parents a full-time schedule for their children to enjoy. Full-time means children get the full benefits of a structured learning environment for them to explore, play, and laugh with their peers and get the most out of what the wide world of learning has to offer! Children will form close bonds with each other and parents benefit from having enrolled their children in a community while they spend time away.

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