Montessori Of Chatsworth

Montessori Of Chatsworth

10616 Andora Avenue Chatsworth, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

1 mos - 6 yrs


6:30am - 6:15pm


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Program details

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About Montessori Of Chatsworth

Prepare for the years ahead with enrollment at Montessori Of Chatsworth! Montessori Of Chatsworth is a center-based early care and education provider based in Los Angeles. Centers like Montessori Of Chatsworth educate the whole child in a school-like environment that can help prepare students for formal school down the road. Parents will find enriching activities and a curriculum to grow spatial, vocabulary and others skills at a school like Montessori Of Chatsworth along with a community of peers of similar ages. Montessori Of Chatsworth has a full-time schedule that promotes community for the students and families that attend. Students will have the opportunity to get to know the same peers and adults, every day, and learn together in a structured environment. With plenty of opportunities to explore, play, and try new activities, students will grow their cognitive and language skills as well as their sense of wonder at the world around them. Parents will see their children’s social and behavioral development grow in leaps and bounds! Montessori Of Chatsworth offers an arts-based curriculum emphasizing the creation process to help develop creative, artistic, motor and cognitive skills for students. Arts-based schools like Montessori Of Chatsworth value the artistic process over the end product, giving students a wide variety of mediums and techniques to explore and later admire their creations. Staff focus on developing the whole child, facilitating the learning process from initial curiosity to the emotional satisfaction that comes with making and finishing art.

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