Obeck Childcare

Obeck Childcare

9700 Obeck Avenue Arleta, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Center

Ages served

Up to 3 yrs


6am - 6:30pm


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Program details

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About Obeck Childcare

Obeck Childcare might just be the right next step for your little one’s tiny feet! Obeck Childcare hosts early care and education for the families of Los Angeles in a center-based facility that provides the best of a structured environment and the best of a community of like learners. As a center, Obeck Childcare can provides a bevy of resources, opportunities and expertise that smaller provides may not be able to. At Obeck Childcare you’ll see children grew their spatial, vocabulary and other skills in leaps and bounds. Obeck Childcare similarly offers a full-time early education and child care program. The full-time schedule at Obeck Childcare allows students to have plenty of time to bond, play and interact with fellow students and staff and allows Los Angeles parents the large time blocks to get things done. Children have the advantage of getting used to and settling into a routine at Obeck Childcare, with the structure that’ll help support their development and prepare them for kindergarten and the years ahead. Students at Obeck Childcare will also experience a nature-focused, outdoors-oriented learning approach that emphasizes an early and often connection to the environment and natural world. Learning approaches like this embrace the role that active, outside play can take in shaping independence, appropriate risk-taking, and creative self-expression for children. The outdoors can be a place of joy and wonder in childhood, and stimulating that wonder in children can have positive lifelong benefits and be a boon for physical and emotional health.

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