Rosen Family Child Care

Rosen Family Child Care

12836 Waddell St Valley Village, CA

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

Up to 6 yrs




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About Rosen Family Child Care

Rosen Family Child Care hosts children in an in-home setting in Los Angeles. In-home settings are popular choices for parents that value an environment that can feel more comfortable, more familiar and easier to adapt to for children, all the while still providing the structured learning that you’d expect out of a early care and education. At Rosen Family Child Care, this education - and the leaps and bounds of learning that comes with it - is delivered in a family-like environment where children will socialize with children of different ages. The benefit of a full-time schedule for children, too, can be dramatic! In a structured, repeated learning environment, students will play with the same peers, get familiar with the same staff and experience something new every day. The full-time schedule at Rosen Family Child Care offers families these things for their children in an environment that’ll soon become a real community. Parents get the advantages of long blocks of time to work while students will grow their social, behavioral and cognitive skills.

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