Weekday Nursery School

Weekday Nursery School

9650 Reseda Boulevard Northridge, CA

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 5 yrs


8:15am - 2pm


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About Weekday Nursery School

Weekday Preschool is a non-profit center for children and their families devoted to a safe, healthy, inclusive and nurturing environment. There is an emphasis on social, emotional and spiritual growth through meaningful play-based learning opportunities. While we preserve the integrity of our own Christian identity as part of the Northridge United Methodist Church, we respect the diverse religious, cultural and family structures of all people. At Weekday Preschool, our concern is for the whole child. Our teachers facilitate learning through selected, child-centered activities that are appropriate for each child’s age and developmental level. We foster a positive sense of each child’s self-worth and a belief in their ability to be independent individuals. We are an early childhood program accredited by the National Association of Education for Young Children.

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