Austin Waldorf School

Austin Waldorf School

8700 South View Road Austin, TX

Preschools, Center

Ages served

5 yrs - 13 yrs


8am - 4pm


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Program details

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About Austin Waldorf School

Austin Waldorf School can be an instrumental part of the learning journey for the students and families of Austin. Austin Waldorf School is a center-based early care and education program, and as a center provides that school-like environment that’s structured for students to learn, grow and thrive. This environment can help prepare students for the levels ahead and kindergarten. As a center, as well, Austin Waldorf School has the space and resources for activities, an enriching curriculum and plenty of peers of similar ages for students to learn and laugh with. In addition, a full-time schedule like the one at Austin Waldorf School can be perfect for families. Parents get the benefits of long time blocks away from little ones to be at work or get others things done, and students get the benefits of a structured, communal learning environment during the years most important to brain development. Full-time gives students the real opportunities to explore, play, laugh and develop the social and behavioral skills that’ll benefit them tremendously in the years to come. Austin Waldorf School also offers the Waldorf curriculum, which seeks to develop creativity, imagination and artistic skills for students. In a Waldorf curriculum, students will take the time to engage with the world around them through music, art, movement, storytelling and more and develop a deep appreciation and wonder for their environment. The Waldorf curriculum is popular for its emphasis on slowing down, not rushing the academic process and instead focusing time on developing the love of learning, play and cooperation with others.

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