Magnolia Montessori Extend-A-Care

Magnolia Montessori Extend-A-Care

5100 Pecan Brook Dr Austin, TX


Ages served

4 yrs - 12 yrs




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About Magnolia Montessori Extend-A-Care

Fun and learning ahead at Magnolia Montessori Extend-A-Care! Magnolia Montessori Extend-A-Care is an early care and education provider in Austin that welcomes students and families to a center-based facility. As a center, Magnolia Montessori Extend-A-Care provides an environment that’s geared towards stability, structure and providing learning resources and opportunities for children to explore the sights and sounds of the world around them. Children will meet and form bonds with peers of like ages and benefit from quality instructions from experienced adults. Magnolia Montessori Extend-A-Care also offers a Montessori curriculum to students and families. A Montessori curriculum emphasizes independence, discovery, self-discipline and self-motivation for students, with educational philosophy roots dating back over one hundred years. Montessori schools like Magnolia Montessori Extend-A-Care will often have specific Montessori learning standards and learning materials to ensure best practices and consistency with time-honored Montessori methods, as well as a Montessori-inspired environment that’s clean, orderly and harmonious, crafted to allow students to move, interact and self-construct their learning space.

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