South Austin Karate

South Austin Karate

10203 Old Manchaca Rd Austin, TX

Preschools, Center

Ages served

12 mos - 5 yrs


4pm - 6pm


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About South Austin Karate

There’s nothing more important than quality education and care for your child, and South Austin Karate can be the next step for Austin parents looking for that right fit. South Austin Karate hosts students in a center-based setting, which provides the best of a school-like environment to prep students for the more formal years ahead alongside the hands-on care and attention you’d expect from quality child care. Students at South Austin Karate experience manifold socialization opportunities with peers of similar ages. South Austin Karate furthermore offers a part-time schedule that can work very well for families. Part-time early care & education gives students the structured learning time outside of the home, guided and directed by professionals, without sacrificing time with family. The part-time schedule at South Austin Karate means students play with the same peers, learn the same faces and get to build a real community outside the home, all the while freeing up parents to have those big blocks of time to get things done! South Austin Karate teaches a play-based curriculum that values self-directed, interactive, intuitive learning by and for children. Students at play-based schools get the opportunity to participate in theme-based, hands-on activities with staff that facilitate and direct the discovery process. Through these hands-on activities, students develop social, cognitive and emotional skills built through the cooperation process with their peers. A play-based approach also can spark a love of learning that will be foundational for students throughout their early years of formal school.

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