Gentle Giants Early Learners

Gentle Giants Early Learners

6204 Northwood Drive Baltimore, MD

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

6 mos - 12 yrs


7am - 5pm


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About Gentle Giants Early Learners

A full day of warmth, love and dedication is displayed in a family-like setting at Gentle Giants. We welcome all children including children with special needs and or disabilities within the guidelines of our ability to properly care for the child. My #1 goal is to provide a healthy safe environment as the children learn and develop socially and physically. We live in a diverse world where I believe learning a second language is imperative. At, Gentle Giants Childcare we have created a culturally enriched program. Gentle Giants Early learners has been established since 1992. Starting out as a family childcare license for 8 children. My motivation to provide exceptional care within my community has driven me to Raise the Bar. Currently we are now a Large Family childcare program licensed for 12 children. Here at Gentle Giants families are included doing several events such as, family night out, bowling, summer bar b q and holiday gatherings. Birthdays are celebrated for the children doing care with their classmates. Parents are welcome to bring in birthday treats to share with the class. Families are invited into the classroom to share and inform us about their culture, by way of bringing certain items such as flags, fabric, instruments for “Show and Tell” etc. Visuals such as posters, books and objects are displayed throughout the center to help the children better engage while teaching about the different cultures. Along with teaching the children with cultivated lesson plans, it’s also important that the children initiate their own free play.

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