Kiddie Clubhouse

Kiddie Clubhouse

1218 N. Carey Street Baltimore, MD

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

6 mos - 12 yrs


6am - 5pm


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About Kiddie Clubhouse

Where Learning is as Fun as Playing. At Kiddie Clubhouse, our mission is to always provide an inclusive, safe, nurturing, and FUN environment while helping children gain levels of independence. I afford opportunities for children to be self expressive and independent by allowing time to be free to build on old and new interest with the materials, equipments, environment and experiences we create daily. My ultimate goal is to provide a hands on learning environment for children to have grown more independent, intellectually, social-emotionally, and cognitively while enrolled in Kiddie Clubhouse Daycare. We believe that every child can develop physically, social-emotionally, and cognitively properly in the age-appropriate environment we provide. My main goal is to work collaboratively with families, family advocates, and children to implement a play-based curriculum, to achieve a positive outcome for children of all abilities or disabilities. As well as ensure the successful operation of the whole program. By providing your child with a play-based curriculum, your child will be provided with many learning experiences and activities to reach their full educational potential. Kiddie Clubhouse believes that every child should be allowed to bring their own individual unique personalities and interest to our program, and our staff will work to support your child's learning growth and developmental needs. Every child and family deserve the opportunity to experience an engaging early childhood education free from discrimination due to any differences in abilities, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

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