Kids & Play Child Care

Kids & Play Child Care

1213 North Bentalou Street Baltimore, MD

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

Ages served

1 mos - 10 yrs


6am - 12am


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About Kids & Play Child Care

Where Kids are Safe at Play. Our goal is to individualize our approach for each child and meet them where they are to help them best succeed. We accept and love all children, including those that receive additional services. We have an open-door policy that allows other professionals to come into the home and offer services for an individual child as identified by the parent. My goal is to work with parents to ensure that we are all working together to best support every child. My mission is to provide a small, secure environment for children during the most important time of their development. My philosophy is that I believe that providing a home-like setting is the best alternative there is for working parents. I do this by providing a safe, nurturing and learning environment. Learning is fun and this can be done in various ways. When are united with the families we serve, together we can have healthy, happy and productive children

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