Zion Lutheran Preschool

Zion Lutheran Preschool

2600 S. Wadsworth Blvd. Denver, CO

Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 5 yrs


8am - 5pm


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About Zion Lutheran Preschool

Zion Lutheran Preschool can be the next step in the learning journey for you and your little one! Zion Lutheran Preschool is a center-based child care facility that provides the families of Denver with a structured, stable learning environment for children to grow and blossom. Center-based early care and education like you’ll find at Zion Lutheran Preschool are attractive for parents that want their children to enjoy enriching activities, a strong peer set to bond with, and a community of staff that really value what early education can bring to the lives of children. With a full-time schedule, Zion Lutheran Preschool further provides the best for the most formative years! Children at Zion Lutheran Preschool have an environment where day in and day out they can learn something new and explore with their peers. Parents will have a front-row seat to all the learning and cognitive development that comes with the stimulation of a full-time schedule. The full-time schedule also provides a real community for families, as children get to know each other well! Zion Lutheran Preschool also offers a Montessori curriculum to students and families. A Montessori curriculum emphasizes independence, discovery, self-discipline and self-motivation for students, with educational philosophy roots dating back over one hundred years. Montessori schools like Zion Lutheran Preschool will often have specific Montessori learning standards and learning materials to ensure best practices and consistency with time-honored Montessori methods, as well as a Montessori-inspired environment that’s clean, orderly and harmonious, crafted to allow students to move, interact and self-construct their learning space.

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