A To Z Preschool/Daycare Center

A To Z Preschool/Daycare Center

7303 Bellerive Dr Houston, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 13 yrs


6:30am - 7pm


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About A To Z Preschool/Daycare Center

A To Z Preschool/Daycare Center can be an instrumental part of the learning journey for the students and families of Houston. A To Z Preschool/Daycare Center is a center-based early care and education program, and as a center provides that school-like environment that’s structured for students to learn, grow and thrive. This environment can help prepare students for the levels ahead and kindergarten. As a center, as well, A To Z Preschool/Daycare Center has the space and resources for activities, an enriching curriculum and plenty of peers of similar ages for students to learn and laugh with. A full-time schedule for young children can additionally help children develop the social, behavioral and language skills that’ll help them succeed in the years to come. A To Z Preschool/Daycare Center offers this schedule in a structured learning environment that’ll unlock the best that those precious early years have to offer. Children will play amongst peer of similar ages, learn from the same adults day in and day out, and explore the world around them. Parents will benefit from the community that comes with seeing the same faces every day, too! In addition, A To Z Preschool/Daycare Center takes a play-based approach to child development and education. Play-based curriculums emphasize students having the independence to explore their own interests at the time, be they creative, constructional, observational or artistic, and emphasize students being hands-on and natural with their activities. Staff at play-based curriculums take an active role in the discovery and learning process, encouraging students to dig in, explore, and cooperate with their peers to create the world around them.

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