Kompany Kids

Kompany Kids

2030 Post Oak Blvd Houston, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 13 yrs


6:45am - 6:15pm


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About Kompany Kids

Kompany Kids is a center-based child care and early education facility serving the students and families of Houston! As a center, Kompany Kids provides a school-like learning and enrichment environment that gives students a taste of what they’ll experience at more formal school in the years to come. Students at Kompany Kids are provided the socialization opportunities that come with peers of similar ages, the enrichment opportunities that come with a center’s resources and structure, and the community that comes with experienced staff. Kompany Kids additionally provides a full-time schedule that allows parents and students to get the best out of early care and education. Full-time education offers that structured learning environment for skills to grow, growth to happen and play to abound! Students get the opportunity to form lasting bonds with children their own age and a true community with staff, all the while parents have those long blocks of time to provide for their little ones. In addition, Kompany Kids offers an emergent curriculum that seeks to guide learning via a student’s own interests and skills. The emergent curriculum is centered around what piques student curiosity, enabling students to explore and discover around those interests and guides their development along the way through a high level of teach observation and support. Students at Kompany Kids will get to study topics in-depth, interact at length with the world around them and cooperate with peers in building and constructing their own environments.

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