Krayola Kidz

Krayola Kidz

2200 Spears Rd Ste 180 Houston, TX

Daycare & Child Care, Preschools, Center

Ages served

Up to 13 yrs


6am - 6pm


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About Krayola Kidz

Krayola Kidz is a provider of early education and care for the students and families of Houston. As a center-based facility, Krayola Kidz provides the best of a school-like environment, which can help smooth the transition for students to formal school one day in the future, and the best of a community of student peers and professional staff to help inspire and support the learning journey. Centers like Krayola Kidz can benefit students with their resources, opportunities, and activities for enrichment and learning. With a full-time schedule, Krayola Kidz also can provide the care that Houston parents need. Full-time means that students get the best of repeated daily instruction with non-family adults and peers of similar ages. Students will see their development and learning skills grow quickly in an environment that’ll set them up well for the years ahead! Parents get the benefit, too, of enrolling their children in a learning community all the while having the large time blocks to spend at work or on other responsibilities. Krayola Kidz also offers a Mother Goose curriculum that teaches skill-building and early development through activities, games and discovery exercises. Mother Goose is cross-disciplinary, research-based and experiential. Students at Krayola Kidz will receive learning through play, physical development through movement, creative development through art, social and emotional development through cooperation and much, much more. Mother Goose curriculums are often taught in themes, too, so students get to experience in the classroom what’s going in their lives as well such as the changing of the seasons!

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