Lift Them Up Childcare LLC

Lift Them Up Childcare LLC

7018 Nashville Road Lanham, MD

Daycare & Child Care, In Home

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1 mos - 12 yrs


6am - 9pm


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About Lift Them Up Childcare LLC

Children are constantly learning from the world around them. I believed a child learning should be respected. Respect for a child learner is to avoid disruption of their concentration while giving them freedom to make choices, to do things for themselves, and to learn for themselves. Lift Them Up Childcare has respect for all child learners, observe without judgement, and possess peaceful conflict resolution when needed. Through their senses children constantly absorb information from their world. They then make sense of it when their thinking begins. There are certain periods, however, during which children are more ready to learn certain skills. The directive in which sensitive periods occur (i.e., writing) as well as the timing of the period, varies for each child. I must identify sensitive period in my child learners and provide the resources for them to flourish during this time. I recognize that children learn best in an environment that has been prepared to enable them to do things for themselves. Always child-centered, the learning environment should promote freedom for children to explore materials of their choice. I will prepare the learning environment by making materials and experiences available to children in an orderly and independent way. Auto education, or self-education, is the concept that children can educate themselves. With me providing the learning environment, the inspiration, the guidance, and the encouragement for children to educate themselves, you should see your child learner begin to flourish. Lift Them Up Childcare LLC, goal is to provide children with a well-rounded education that will lay the foundation for kindergarten and beyond. Early childhood is a crucial stage in every child’s life in terms of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development, loving, nurturing, healthy, and safe environment. And skills to help each child develop social and cognitive abilities through guided learning experiences. Lift Them Up Childcare LLC, children will receive high quality care and positive learning experiences.

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