Kids Park Northridge (Sa)

Kids Park Northridge (Sa)

9056 Tampa Avenue Northridge, CA

Preschools, Center

Ages served

2 yrs - 12 yrs


8am - 8pm


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About Kids Park Northridge (Sa)

The next step in your child’s learning journey just might be Kids Park Northridge (Sa)! Kids Park Northridge (Sa) welcomes the families of Los Angeles with a center-based setting where students can learn, laugh, play and grow alongside peers of similar ages and non-family adults that specialize in developing the learning skills critical for the years ahead. Center-based environments like at Kids Park Northridge (Sa) are popular choices with families that value a school-like environment and the socialization opportunities that come with a strong peer set! Moreover, the full-time schedule at Kids Park Northridge (Sa) allows parents to get a structured learning environment for their children that’ll help develop cognitive and language skills during these most formative years. The full-time-schedule allows for full curriculums of play, fun and social time with peers and staff. Children will get to know their peers in-depth and form real bonds, which helps develop social and behavioral skills that’ll be important for kindergarten and the years ahead. Kids Park Northridge (Sa) also takes a play-based approach to facilitating the learning and development of students. A play-based educational approach emphasizes theme-based, hands-on activities that get students involved, often in the areas of learning that they’re particularly interested in at the time. Play-based schools like Kids Park Northridge (Sa) focus on the process of learning and the social, emotional skills built along the way and often break their physical settings up to encourage and facilitate different play in different areas.

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