31st District PTSA Creative Kids Apperson

31st District PTSA Creative Kids Apperson

10233 Woodward Ave Sunland, CA


Ages served

Up to 3 yrs


9am - 4pm


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About 31st District PTSA Creative Kids Apperson

31st District Ptsa Creative Kids Apperson can be the next step in the learning journey for you and your little one! 31st District Ptsa Creative Kids Apperson is a center-based child care facility that provides the families of Los Angeles with a structured, stable learning environment for children to grow and blossom. Center-based early care and education like you’ll find at 31st District Ptsa Creative Kids Apperson are attractive for parents that want their children to enjoy enriching activities, a strong peer set to bond with, and a community of staff that really value what early education can bring to the lives of children. Los Angeles parents also have the opportunity to enroll in a full-time schedule at 31st District Ptsa Creative Kids Apperson. The full-time schedule gives students the maximum opportunity to learn in a structured, professional environment, around adults they’ll form close bonds with and peers they'll learn, play and laugh with! The full-time schedule also allows parents to have those precious large, repeated blocks of time to work and get things done while their children are cared for in a learning environment. 31st District Ptsa Creative Kids Apperson likewise takes a play-based approach to children's development and learning, facilitating education through interactive, hands-on activities that get children moving. Play-based environments structure their spaces to encourage students to move with independence, passion and explore at their own direction. Staff in these environments encourage and galvanize students to lean into their interests and build their own worlds in cooperation with their peers, and students gain cooperative, social and emotional skills as a result of this community.

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Team & training

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