Five Little Monkeys

Program Type:

Home Daycare

Quick stats:

1 mixed age classroom with 5-8 student and 1 teacher


Lake in the Hills, IL

Functionality used:

Check-in and out with parent codes, photo sharing, medication log, messaging with parents, billing

How long used:

I started off using Brightwheel for invoicing parents in August of 2016. I eased parents into electronic sign in and overall communication early 2017.

Life before Brightwheel:

Before Brightwheel I had to print check-in/out logs and then also track attendance and payment in an Excel spreadsheet. I had to print medication logs as well. I had so many outlets to communication with parents – phone, text, email.

Life since Brightwheel:

Now I can quickly create a report with ¬†showing when children were here and what parents paid me! Parents can be at the doctor’s office and pull medication history right up on their phone. Communication mainly goes through Brightwheel now. It’s so nice to have it in one place! Parents love being able have quick access to any photos and tidbits about our day here! Brightwheel has made life easier and more streamlined for all of us. I am taking more pictures of the kids now also, and parents love that! My ink and paper bills went down, my time to focus on the children went up!

Testimonial/fun Brightwheel anecdote:

The children now tell me to take their picture for Brightwheel and also pretend that they are checking people in and out!