Using brightwheel at home

The easy-to-use daily tracking app for nannies and parents.

Though brightwheel was built for preschools and child care centers, a lot of families are using it at home as a nanny log with caregivers and other family members to track child activities, share photos, and send real time updates.


  • Easy to use and manage. Have your personal family network all in one place.
  • More photos! Brightwheel users take many more photos than pre-brightwheel.
  • Secure and organized. Everything is backed up and easy to find.
  • Free up space. No more photos lost in your phone storage or text messages!
There are two types of brightwheel accounts:
  1. School/Staff: Log activities, share photos, send notes, create calendar events, send paperless invoices, and receive payments.
  2. Parents/Guardians: Receive real-time updates (with mobile notifications), view calendar events, send preset messages, and send payments (to a school account) using bank account or credit card.

How to set up brightwheel for your home

  1. Sign up your nanny/caregiver as a “school”: Download the app for iOS or Android and and create a new “School” account.
  2. Add your child: Use the Setup Wizard to create a new room and add children.
  3. Add parents & family: Within each student profile, add parents, grandparents, or others that you want to receive updates. They will receive email invites with signup instructions.

Please keep in mind:

  • We’ll be adding more functionality over time – for both teachers and parents.
  • If you wish to manage the process, you can do the setup described above using your email account initially for the school – and then change the main school account over to your caregiver’s email address when ready. You can update the email address in your profile.

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