Your Essential Partner for COVID-19 Readiness

Discover how brightwheel is leading the charge in crisis preparedness and support to help providers like you emerge stronger

Ensure safety & compliance

  • Minimize the spread of germs

    Replace pen and paper with contactless check-in, digital daily sheets, and online payments

  • Monitor student health

    Conduct health screens at check-in and log health checks throughout the day

  • Manage ratios and schedules

    Coordinate schedules to determine staffing needs and adhere to ratio guidelines

Operate with less stress

  • Get paid on time

    Create billing plans, set families up with autopay, and never chase a tuition payment again

  • Manage enrollment

    Organize vital student information and get visibility into demand for your center

  • Save 5 hours a week per staff member

    Plus, check staff in and monitor hours for payroll from the same easy-to-use app

Give families peace of mind

  • Centralize communications

    Send messages, alerts, and newsletters to build trust and ensure families never miss an important update

  • Share milestones instantly

    Send notes, photos, and videos throughout the day to keep families connected to their child’s development

Be prepared for future closures

  • Access everything online

    Continue supporting families and operating your center from anywhere

  • Easily switch to distance learning

    Share lesson plans with families to continue learning at home in the event of closures or illnesses

The best thing we did was sign on to brightwheel in January. I don’t know if we could have survived these challenging times without it.

Lisa Knudson, Bright Child Learning Center

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