Make navigating COVID-19 easier with brightwheel

We’re here to help you operate safely, give families peace of mind, and empower staff to continue delivering quality education.

Ensure safety & compliance

  • Minimize the spread of germs

    Replace pen and paper with contactless check-in, digital daily sheets, and online payments

  • Monitor student and staff health

    Conduct health screens at check-in, log health checks throughout the day, and track staff vaccines

  • Adhere to room ratios

    Easily set and track room ratios for each room throughout the day to ensure compliance at all times

Give families peace of mind

  • Stay in close communication

    Send messages, emergency alerts, and newsletters, and ensure families never miss important updates

  • Build trust with families

    Share photos, videos, and milestones to keep families connected when face time with teachers is limited

Invest in & support your staff

  • Give staff an easy, tech-forward tool

    Simplify daily reporting, parent communications, and lesson plan sharing in case of closures or illnesses

  • Save each staff 20 hours a month

    Encourage staff to focus more of their time on students, not busywork, making their days more fulfilling

  • Help staff feel recognized

    Empower staff to showcase their skills and build relationships with families, even when face time is limited

Operate with less stress

  • Manage your admissions online

    Streamline your end-to-end admissions process all online, making it safer and easier for families to apply

  • Manage and view schedules

    Easily track staff and student schedules, so you can be better prepared for upcoming absences

  • Access and support when needed

    Rest easy with live chat and secure access to your most critical operations from anywhere, all from your app

During COVID, when we’re not allowing parents into the building, brightwheel provides a meaningful connection between the school, teachers, parents, and the students!

Fran E, Preschool Director

See how First Kids Academy avoided a COVID-19 outbreak and how Laurel Heights stays connected with 125+ families all with brightwheel.

Make navigating COVID-19 easier. Don’t wait.