The most powerful learning platform in early education

Standards & lessons

  • Pre-loaded standards

    Benefit from pre-loaded early learning frameworks used by the greatest number of brightwheel schools including many US states and DRDP

  • Customized standards

    Customize your learning standards to meet the needs of your development framework

  • Lesson plans

    Use lesson plans to help your teachers plan for their students’ success

Observations & assessments

  • Media rich assessments

    Observe learning progress live with photos, videos, and notes and align with learning framework

  • Student & class assessments

    Create assessments by class or by student based on milestone or lesson progress

  • Sharing controls

    Share learning and development with staff and parents on your own schedule


  • Data rich reports

    Track and analyze student or classroom progress with data-rich reports

  • Printable & sharable reports

    Create printable and shareable student progress reports and include photos, videos, and more