Easier lesson planning

Use brightwheel to create lesson plans for your preschool or daycare. You and your staff will save more time and stay more organized. And your families will be better connected to their children’s learning.

Brightwheel's early childhood curriculum

The #1 childcare software that enables you and your staff to create custom child care lesson plans and curriculum, log observations in accordance with your state’s early learning standards, and share progress with parents–all from the same platform you use for billing, communications, and classroom management.

Standards & lessons

  • Pre-loaded standards

    In addition to all 50 state's learning standards, learning frameworks for DRDP and Montessori progress indicators are available

  • Customized standards

    Customize your learning standards to meet the needs of your school's development framework

  • Lesson planning

    Use lesson plans to help your teachers plan for their students’ success

Observations & assessments

  • Media rich assessments

    Observe learning progress live with photos, videos, and notes and align with learning framework

  • Student & class assessments

    Create assessments by class or by student based on milestone or lesson progress

  • Sharing controls

    Share learning and development with staff and parents on your own schedule

Progress Reports

  • Data rich reports

    Track and analyze student or classroom progress with data-rich reports

  • Printable & sharable reports

    Create printable and shareable student progress reports and include photos, videos, and more

Plus, many more valuable features including:

Billing & payments

Send automated invoices, accept online payments, and get paid on time. 90% of preschools report that more families pay on time with brightwheel.

Easier childcare billing


Build quality connections with families and staff. 95% of administrators & staff report brightwheel improves communication with families.

Quality connections

Center management

Simplify administrative tasks with brightwheel’s all-in-one app & save up to 20 hours per month

Easier center management

FAQs: Tips and insights about lesson plans

Does brightwheel support Early Learning Standard from each state?
Yes! Brightwheel supports early learning standards for all 50 states, and we are currently working to add all US territories. Brightwheel also has observation and learning frameworks for Desired Results Developmental Profiles (DRDP) and Montessori Early Learning/Development Indicators.
How long does it take to create a lesson plan in brightwheel?
Within minutes, you can create custom lessons and lesson plans in brightwheel. Brightwheel also makes it easy and quick to make edits, add specific milestones to lessons, re-use lessons, or even share with parents.
How does brightwheel help me track, record, and assess children’s progress?
You can use the learning and observations feature in brightwheel to log student activities in accordance with state standards or learning frameworks. Observations can be used to track progress toward specific developmental milestones. They can also be shared with parents, keeping them connected to their child’s development. You can also easily create, download, and print a learning report (by child or by classroom) to easily track learning progress and submit for licensing requirements.

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