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Brightwheel features

The complete preschool and childcare management software that integrates automatic billing and payments, real-time communication, classroom management, and so much more.

Billing & Payments

Online payments

Offer families a convenient and secure way to pay with the option to divvy up charges between payers.

Invoices & autopay

Set up recurring invoices and payment reminders once. Brightwheel will automate the rest and send receipts.

Less tax work

We notify families when their tax statements are ready for self-serve access. You don’t have to do a thing!

Custom billing reports

Simple yet powerful reporting to easily keep track of payments owed and received.

Subsidy management

Save time tracking and reconciling subsidy funds across multiple agencies.

Next-day deposits

Get paid on time with the fastest deposit turnaround time in the industry.


Family engagement

Easily engage and build trust with families, and message everyone through the communication app.

Staff messaging

Send messages to all staff members or a classroom, and have staff quickly respond directly through the app.

Photos & videos

Share learning milestones and deliver memorable moments right to parents’ phones or on the web.

Emergency alerts

Easily send alerts – including SMS and mobile messages.


Send quick reminders that include a date and a time.


Schedule events and activities, and share them with families and staff.

Center Management

Enrollment and admissions

Create forms, request documents and e-signatures, and make enrollment and waitlist decisions with ease.

Time tracking & payroll

Track staff timecards and automatically sync time tracking with payroll for easy, accurate payroll processing.

Staff management

Simplify staff scheduling, access staff profiles, and facilitate clear and direct communication via integrated messaging.

Classroom management

Track student attendance and progress, and generate reports to gain insights into classroom trends.

Online records

Access student, family, and staff records anytime and from anywhere.

Multi-site management

Manage staff permissions and roles and oversee student information across multiple schools or locations.


Lesson Planning

Add your own curriculum or upgrade to get Experience Curriculum, including digital lesson plans and hands-on learning materials.

State learning & DRDP standards

Benefit from pre-loaded state learning standards as well as DRDP standards.

Customized assets

Customize your learning standards to meet the needs of your development framework.

Distance learning

Share lesson plans with families to continue learning at home.

Data rich reports

Track and analyze student or classroom progress with data-rich reports.

Sharing controls

Share learning and development with staff and parents on your own schedule.


Contactless check-in

Check students and staff in with quick scan, e-signatures, or secure pin codes.

Health screens

Create custom questions and capture student/staff health information at check-in.

Ratios & scheduling

Stay in compliance and manage room ratios and daily schedules in real-time.

Attendance reports

Run reports for licensing, billing, and management and customize to fit your needs.

Guardian management

Manage additional approved people for drop off or pick up.


Keep all your data confidential and secure with brightwheel’s enhanced account safety and 24×7 monitoring.

Daily Activity Report

Digital daily sheets

Automate daily reports with activities, notes, photos, and videos for each student.

Photos & videos

Capture learning milestones and memorable moments, and share them with families.

Incident reports

Report and track incidents throughout the day to include in digital daily reports.

Health checks

Monitor student and staff health by logging temperatures or illness symptoms.

Menus & food

Create detailed food menus, log and track meals, and simplify CACFP reporting and reimbursement.

Activity reports

Run reports to monitor activity for a student, classroom, or your entire center.

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