Easier check-in and attendance tracking

Use brightwheel for contactless check in and out, making it faster for families to drop-off and pick-up, easier for staff to record their attendance, and more efficient for you to ensure compliance.

Brightwheel’s childcare check-in and attendance system

The #1 childcare software that enables families and staff to securely check in and check out with ease. The powerful software gives you access to childcare attendance sheets, runs attendance reports, and integrates the attendance records with your billing system.

Your complete childcare attendance and check-in software

Easy to customize

You have the option to enable digital signatures, health screens, or quick scans for families and staff checking in and out

Easy to track

You and your staff can track the whereabouts of each child throughout the day, moving them to different rooms to maintain ratios and stay compliant

Easy to report on

You can access past records, check for discrepancies, use for billing families based on attendance, and pay staff

Easily access attendance sheets

  • Digitize check-in

    Replace paper sign in sheets with digital check in and check out for students and staff

  • A green icon for brightwheel's functionality that allows educators to create lesson plans

    Monitor attendance

    Keep track of students during the day, moving them to different rooms, or mark them as absent

  • Correct attendance records

    Easily check and update current and historical attendance sheets, to make sure they’re accurate

Run attendance reports

  • A pink icon for brightwheel's functionality that allows teachers to create printable and shareable progress reports

    Get a daily summary

    Enable staff to easily pull an attendance report based on classroom and a child’s status

  • A pink icon for brightwheel's functionality that allows teachers to track and analyze progress with data-rich reports

    Pull reports quickly

    Easily customize and access attendance reports that meet licensing requirements or your business needs

  • Keep records updated

    Make sure attendance data is accurate, even if an attendance action is forgotten or missed

Integrate attendance with billing

  • All-in-one

    With attendance tracking and billing integrated all-in-one software, you can manage your center more efficiently

  • Charge based on attendance records

    Bill based on when a student checked in or out. Useful for early drop offs, late pick ups, before or after school care, and drop-ins

  • Pull staff payroll reports

    Quickly run & export the total hours worked for staff, and use these reports with your third party payroll systems

Plus, many more valuable features including:

Billing & payments

Send automated invoices, accept online payments, and get paid on time. 90% of preschools report that more families pay on time with brightwheel.

Easier childcare billing


Build quality connections with families and staff. 95% of administrators & staff report brightwheel improves communication with families.

Quality connections

Center management

Simplify administrative tasks with brightwheel’s all-in-one app & save up to 20 hours per month.

Easier center management

FAQs: Tips and insights about the attendance tracking feature

Why is attendance tracking important to childcare providers?
First and foremost, childcare providers must record the accurate number of children in attendance to comply with licensing requirements of the state in which their facilities operate. Childcare attendance sheet, digital or otherwise, is a tool that helps providers keep attendance records for each day child care is provided. For detailed information or questions regarding the licensing requirements or regulations, please contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency.
How does contactless check-in work?
Brightwheel’s check-in experience is configurable to best fit the needs of your program. For contactless check-in, use brightwheel and allow parents to initiate a check-in by either entering the 4-digit code or scanning the QR code and entering the 4-digit code. You can also enable digital signatures (required by some states), health screens, and/or QR codes to make check-in faster, more secure, easier to stay compliant with licensing.
Can I turn this contactless check-in feature on/off?
Yes. Any administrator can update the Quick Scan setting to enable or disable contactless check-in at any time. Navigate to the School Profile from the Administrator Home screen on the app or under School Settings on the web.
What if a parent forgets or doesn’t have a smartphone?
No problem! In scenarios where parents don’t have a mobile device to check-in their child, staff can help check-in children. Brightwheel also lets administrators set up a kiosk device where parents can use the 4-digit code to check in their children without a smartphone.
Is it possible to send customized health screen questionnaires to parents before they check in their children at my center?
Yes! Administrators have the ability to allow parent-level contacts to submit a health screen questionnaire from home. Based on CDC and local jurisdiction requirements, the health screen feature in Brightwheel allows administrators to customize the statements to be confirmed by parents.

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