Security for families, staff, and administrators

Brightwheel is the most secure all-in-one childcare and preschool software, setting the standard as the first and only early education app to offer two-factor authentication for enhanced account protection.

Committed to security

Trust is a key building block in brightwheel’s promise to putting you first, with ongoing improvements to ensure the safety, privacy, security, and reliability of your experience.

Enhanced account safety 
with two-factor authentication, strict password requirements, and cloud-based storage using Amazon Web Services.

Guaranteed data privacy 
with data encryption and a stringent Privacy Policy in place that dictates no personal information can be sold to third parties.

Highest financial data security 
and compliance levels (PCI Level 1) for invoicing and processing payments, so no confidential banking information is stored on brightwheel.

Ongoing reliability 
with 99.9% uptime and fraud protection with 24×7 monitoring by a dedicated in-house team. For a real-time update on brightwheel’s availability, see here.

Trusted by millions of educators and families.

To learn more about brightwheel’s security practices, visit brightwheel Security FAQ.

Tips to protect account and data security:

For everyone:

Keep your brightwheel app up to date to ensure you are using the most secure version of brightwheel. It can be updated manually or set up for automatic updates to be downloaded each time a new version is released. 

Use two-factor authentication at sign-in and do not disable it. This is a security best practice and is designed to make sure that you’re the only person who can access your account, with the use of two different forms of verification.  

Frequently rotate passwords and make sure it meets minimum security requirements. Ensure it’s unique, long, and memorable with symbols, letters, and numbers. 

Set up a passcode on your device’s lock screen to prevent anyone from being able to just pick up your device and dig into your data.

For administrators and staff:

Establish a weekly practice to delete all photos and videos from personal devices once uploaded and shared via the brightwheel feed.

Avoid sharing login information. If multiple staff are using the same device, use Room Device Mode. If staff already share a login, remember to change passwords at the time of termination.

For administrators:

Encourage families to pay online using brightwheel. This way families directly enter their payment details and your program is not responsible for storing their information or safeguarding checks/cash until deposited.

Control the level of access each staff member has directly from brightwheel by using the staff-level permissions to assign a role to each staff profile.

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