#1 platform in early ed now includes Montessori

The all-in-one app for your Montessori program.
Manage your classrooms, run centers, and engage families.


  • Montessori Scope & Sequence:

    Access pre-loaded Montessori materials across Sensorial, Cultural, Language, Math, and Practical Life domains.

  • Lessons

    Create individualized lessons based on your classroom observations

  • Lesson Plans

    Use observations to plan classroom environments and present learning opportunities


  • Montessori progress indicators

    Track and observe children’s learning in seconds

  • Media-rich record keeping

    Capture lessons & experiences with photos & notes

  • Mobile

    Everything available at your fingertips

  • Sharing controls

    Share children’s progress with families on your own schedule


  • Data-rich reports

    Track and analyze classroom or individual child progress in all categories

  • Printable reports

    Create printable, custom reports including photos for portfolios

  • Professional development

    Use room Learning report to support teachers

Plus, many more valuable features including:

Digital attendance

Replace paper sign-in sheets with licensing approved check-in for students and staff

Tuition collection

Get paid on time and improve your billing workflow with flexible options for direct deposit, credit cards, and autopay


Stay in touch with families via messages, alerts, reminders,  notifications, and calendar events

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