Your child’s day, in real time

Easy and intuitive school communication.

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  • Daily updates

    Real-time feed of activities throughout the day.

  • Photos

    Watch your child’s day unfold with snapshots delivered to your mobile device.

  • Stay connected

    Stay in touch with your teacher and strengthen school learning with activities at home.

  • Digital check-in

    Easy digital check-in with personal passcodes. Add approved adults to pick up your child, and see when your child is checked in or out.

  • Simplified billing

    Set it and forget it with automated payments. Plus, easily access digital invoices, receipts, and year-end tax statements.

  • Your child's community

    Invite grandparents, nannies, and friends – with control over what they can do and see on brightwheel.

Invite your preschool or child care

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The brightwheel impact is measurable

85% of users

would recommend brightwheel to a director, teacher, or parent.

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100% of parents

are more satisfied with their school experience once brightwheel is implemented.

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10s of millions

of classroom moments captured and shared each week.

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Interested in using brightwheel at home?

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