Four Square Preschool and Daycare

Program Type:

Early Childhood Education (small family owned single center location)

Quick stats:

130 students, 23 staff members, 4 classrooms – with a one year waiting list!


Lakeville, MN

Functionality used:

Photo sharing, daily reporting, accidents and medicine tracking

Brightwheeling since:


Life before brightwheel:

“We like many other centers did most everything on paper. We had an array of communication issues which we tried our best to meet the needs of individual parents, email, texting, daily notes, newsletters, etc. We always seemed to have a few parents that still needed more. brightwheel was our solution.”

Life since brightwheel:

“The fact that brightwheel is so easy to use with the least amount of channels/menus to go through makes it fast, easy and intuitive. Even our mature non-tech savvy staff is able to use this app with ease. The calendar makes it easy for parents to know when kids have special days and events. Individual parents really seem to appreciate all the different features and functions brightwheel has to offer. I personally love that we (the center) now has a way to keep the pictures staff take. In the past staff would use their phones and text parents pictures directly, which obviously had many drawbacks. I could go on and on!”


“We asked our nursery room to be the guinea pig and try out lots and I mean lots of other electronic daily apps. All I told them was some are expensive, some are free and everything in-between, pick your favorite. brightwheel won hands down and we couldn’t be happier. Bonus – The simple fact you (brightwheel) appreciates feedback and are growing and adjusting your platforms to accommodate us is amazing. All of the other options were cumbersome not to mention their platforms are already set in stone so they are what they are.”