Thales Academy Wake Forest

Wake Forest, North Carolina

Program type

PreK-5th grade private school

Quick stats

574 students, 54 staff members, 35 classrooms (27 day, 8 after school care rooms)

Functionality used

Check-in with parent codes, quick scan, daily reporting

Life since brightwheel

Since we instituted brightwheel, our parents have appreciated the ability to know when/who checked their kids in and out. Within seconds I can run check in/out reports for individuals or whole classes. We can easily identify students from other classes and grades and it is so easy for substitute teachers to learn names and faces. I love that if a parent has a question about when a student left or who picked them up we have a trackable system in place. Our parents with multiple kids love that we have the quick scan feature enabled. We have an 8-inch QR code in our lobby that sparks questions and allows us the opportunity to reemphasize the benefits of having a parents account and the app installed.


"I absolutely love that brightwheel listens to client feedback. From the time that we began using brightwheel I have been able to make requests and see them show up on new releases within a couple of months."