30 Best Preschool Songs

Teach new and important concepts through preschool songs.

30 Best Preschool Songs

Best Preschool Songs

Preschool songs aid in a child’s growth and development by making learning fun and engaging, so it's no wonder children are exposed to songs from an early age. Whether in the classroom or singing them a lullaby, this exposure ignites their development. This is why it’s important to incorporate music (singing and dancing) in your lesson plans.

Singing and dancing are excellent teaching tools and a source of joy for preschool children as they love moving around and making noise. While singing and dancing, children learn about their body movements, develop their vocabulary, begin to understand the concept of numbers, build their confidence, engage their brains, and improve social skills.

Songs for preschoolers by category

Research shows that a child’s brain development and music are closely linked. Therefore, exposing children to songs early will support their development. Naturally, children are more engaged and learn better through fun and play. Preschool songs can introduce new concepts to your classroom through things like rhyming lyrics and repetitive melodies. Below are some of the best preschool songs for children. 

Action and movement preschool songs

Action and movement songs combine music and movement by encouraging children to move their bodies or “act out” the lyrics. These songs strengthen children’s memory, help develop fine and gross motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination, and foster self-confidence. Furthermore, these songs also build your child’s concentration, listening, and balancing skills.

1. The Hokey Pokey

This is a popular preschool song that most children and teachers enjoy and is easy to follow. Have the children form a circle and slowly demonstrate how you’ll act out the song. Act out the lyrics as the song plays. You can also use toys to demonstrate this.

2. I'm a Little Teapot

Hold a cup or teapot and act out the song showing the handle, tipping it over, and pouring. This is an engaging movement song that will exercise your children’s gross and motor skills.

3. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

This song allows children to dance and wiggle around with their favorite toys. Continue acting out the song and imitating the actions like jumping up, wiggling, and touching your nose.

Circle time songs

You can sing these songs as children gather in a circle to participate in a guided activity. These songs help children build language and social skills, remind them it’s time to gather together, and help calm them down. 

4. Come to the Carpet 

This song signals children to stop or wrap up whatever they’re doing and come to the carpet and sit. Repeat the verse several times so that children can sing along with you.

5. If You’re Happy and You Know It

Guide your children to do the actions in the song. For instance, if the song says, “clap your hands,” encourage them to clap their hands. Ensure you move at their pace. This is also a great transition song to use as you prepare for circle time.

6. The Farmer in the Dell 

This preschool song will boost your children’s memory, vocabulary, and listening skills. As each verse builds upon the last, have children form a circle and sing along. 

Welcome songs

Welcome preschool songs can be used to make children feel welcome and set a tone for the rest of the day. You can sing welcome songs as you begin the school day or after children have transitioned from one activity. 

7. Hello Neighbor

This preschool song is a great way to start the day on a friendly note by having children interact with each other and greet their neighbors. 

8. Hello, Hello, Can You Clap Your Hands? 

This welcome song is perfect to start your day or calm your children as they warm their bodies. Children can also sing this song as they take breaks. 

9. Good Morning Song

This is another fun welcome song to add to your morning routine. This pre-k song is easy to learn, fun, and will encourage your children to dance around as they prepare for the day. 

Early math, numbers, and counting

Numbers and counting songs for preschoolers help them memorize the order of numbers. You can ask them to count up, for instance, from one to 10, or down, from 10 to one. These songs also help children grasp number concepts such as addition and subtraction.

10. Five Little Ducks

This song will help develop your preschoolers' cognitive and math skills. As you sing, use your fingers to show numbers like one, two, and three. You can also use pencils or straws to count out the numbers.

11. Five Little Speckled Frogs

For this song, grab green items to represent the speckled frogs as you sing the song. Repeat verses until there are no “speckled frogs” left.

12. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Sing this song as you use your fingers. For instance, if the song says one, point out one finger, and continue up to 10. Then, start all over again from one. As you do this, show children numbers by writing them out or using your fingers or blocks.

13. Ten Green Bottles

With this song, you can incorporate bottles or plastic glasses to illustrate this concept better. Continue singing the verses from 10 down to one, and then start all over again.

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Parts of the body songs

Your children will love these interactive songs. These will help improve motor skills, coordination, and help your child learn the names of their different body parts. These songs are also easy to demonstrate and follow along.

14. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Act out the song with the children and teach the names of different body parts.

15. My Hands

You can sing this song while standing or during circle time. Act out the song and do the actions as you sing along with your children. For instance, when the song says “my hands,” show children your hands and ask them to do the same.

Opposites preschool songs

Singing “opposites” songs help children understand specific concepts such as soft vs. hard, high vs. low, big vs. small, and also helps them to compare two different things. 

16. Open Shut Them 

To make this song more fun, pick out one child and act out the song together. When you say “open,” the child says “shut.” When you say “big,” the child says “small”.

17. The Opposites Song

You can reinforce the opposite concept in this song by pairing it with flash cards to illustrate the different examples in the song.

Weather and seasons songs

Weather and seasons preschool songs help children learn and understand how the four seasons change throughout the year and the different kinds of weather associated with each season. You can play these songs at the beginning or end of a particular season. 

18. The Seasons Song

This song will help you teach children about different seasons. You can use flashcards to show children the different seasons, such as, the sun to represent summer or snow to show winter.

19. Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down

As you sing, dance, and jump forward and backward with your children, imitate leaves falling down and raking leaves with your hands. Give children paper leaves or real leaves to drop as you all sing the song.

20. How’s the Weather?

This simple song teaches children about the various types of weather—sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy!

21. Rain Rain Go Away

This song is a great introduction to weather, especially rain! It will also help children practice the days of the week.

Values and virtues songs

It’s vital to teach children about the importance of good values, such as being polite, saying thank you, and being patient. One of the best ways to do that is through songs. 

22. Please and Thank You Song

Introduce the concept of saying “please” and “thank you” to your classroom with this catchy tune. 

23. The Respect Song

You can use this song to teach children about the value of respect. The lyrics discuss the importance of having respect for the people and things around you. 

24. Thank You Song

This song will teach children the simple practice of being grateful for the things they have. Use this song to prompt children to think about the specific things in their life that they are thankful for. 

Farm songs

If you incorporate a farm theme into your lesson plans, these farm songs will help reinforce lessons about raising animals or growing food. 

25. Baa Baa Black Sheep

This song incorporates different colors and counting, with lyrics that are easy to sing along.

26. Hickety Pickety My Black Hen

This song teaches rhyming and numbers. As the children sing this song, have some prop “eggs” handy and help them count how many eggs are in the hay.

27. Old Macdonald Had a Farm

This classic song exposes children to the different animals found on a farm and their sounds.

Colors and shapes songs

Teaching shapes and colors to children is an important part of their cognitive development. Consider incorporating songs like this into your lesson plans, along with activities that reinforce colors and shapes. 

28. What Color Am I Wearing?

This is the perfect song to teach children about different colors. If children are wearing a particular color mentioned in the song, point it out, and ask them to stand, or you can hold up different colored objects that correspond to the color in the song. 

29. I Love Colors Song

This song reinforces colors of common items children are exposed to. Continue the lesson after this song by having children identify different colored items in your classroom. For example, you could ask, “Can you find something red?

30. The Shapes Song

Pair this song with other activities, such as drawing shapes, building with blocks, or creating shapes with play dough.

Incorporate preschool songs in your lesson plans to reinforce key learning objectives. Download our daily lesson plan template and customize to suit your teaching style and children's needs.

Bottom line

Singing preschool songs helps children learn, fosters development, and should be incorporated into every curriculum. With so many songs to choose from, it’s easy to find a song to enhance your classroom activities and keep children engaged in the learning process. 


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