Easier daily reports

Use brightwheel to share milestones, photos, and videos with families, giving them a window into their child’s day.

Brightwheel’s activity feed and daily report

The #1 childcare software that enables you and your staff to easily record activities, share real-time updates, send daily reports, and access the learning portfolio for every child, infant, toddler, or preschooler.

Childcare daily reporting made easy

A green icon for brightwheel's functionality that allows educators to create lesson plans

Easy record keeping

Give your teachers an easy tool to record photos, videos, learning milestones, and other activities all from the brighthweel app

Easy activity sharing

Share updates to the Activity Feed for families to stay connected to their child’s day

Easy daily reporting

Give families the option to receive an automated daily report via email that summarizes  their child’s activities every day

Streamline your daily reports

  • Reduce paperwork

    Digitize your daily sheets and replace paper reports

  • Simplify systems

    Centralize day-to-day documentation in one place

  • A green icon for brightwheel's functionality that allows educators to create lesson plans

    Capture milestones

    Record classroom events, student progress, and developmental milestones

Easy activity sharing

  • A pink icon for brightwheel's functionality that allows teachers to create printable and shareable progress reports

    Go paperless

    Reduce office supply expenses by switching to digital activity logs and daily reports

  • A pink icon for brightwheel's functionality that allows teachers to track and analyze progress with data-rich reports

    Maximize time

    Give staff an easy tool to quickly document daily events, activities, and milestones for each infant or toddler in the program, so staff get more time with the children

  • Simplify daily reports

    Automatically send customized daily reports for each toddler or infant via email, to families who opt-in delivered via email

Promote quality connections with families

  • Share moments

    Record and share learning milestones, and post photos and videos

  • Stay in touch

    Send automated daily reports via smartphone notifications and email

  • Provide peace of mind

    Update parents in real time, offering a window into their child’s day

Plus, many more valuable features including:

Billing & payments

Send automated invoices, accept online payments, and get paid on time. 90% of preschools report that more families pay on time with Brightwheel.

Easier childcare billing


Build quality connections with families and staff. 95% of administrators & staff report brightwheel improves communication with families.

Quality connections

Center management

Simplify administrative tasks with brightwheel’s all-in-one app & save up to 20 hours per month.

Easier center management

FAQs: Tips and insights about the daily activity report

Why is a Daily Report important?
Daily reports are an integral part of the workings of a child care center for the owner, staff, and families, because daily reports contain a summary of day’s activities and events for infants and toddlers. For preschoolers, the report may include additional details on their progress in social, academic, or psychological state. Through the daily reports, families gain insights about their child’s health and development, as well as precious moments they missed when the child was in care. Childcare software, like brightwheel, helps providers send accurate and actionable daily reports in a consistent fashion, which improves communication with families, increases their engagement, and builds trust. It also automates administrative tasks and improves efficiency, both of which help staff spend more time working directly with children.
Can I record actions for multiple children at once?
Yes! When logging activities using brightwheel, you can select one, multiple, or all children in the classroom. This makes it faster for you and your staff to capture observations and share updates with families.
Who will see the recorded actions or photos?
For every activity logged or photo/video captured, brigthwheel requires children(s) to be tagged. Only administrators, staff, and family members connected to the children(s) profiles will see these updates in their activity feed. The family members who are interested in seeing logged activities must be connected to as Parent or Family contact types.
What are Staff Only posts?
Brightwheel allows programs to enable staff-only posts so that certain activities can be kept internal and/or others can be approved by a school administrator before being shared with families. This is great for assessments, observations, and private communication amongst staff members about student learning and behaviors. Additionally, it gives admins control over what families see.

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