Top 5 Tips for Back to School Success

back to school tips for childcare providers

Just in time for Back to School, we’re sharing our top tips to get the year off to a great start! We know Back to School may feel daunting but don’t worry! Our easy-to-use software and helpful team are here to assist. Time savings, cost savings, and happier staff and parents are just around the corner.

Here are our top 5 tips for back-to-school success:

1. Manage your program's roster and database record

Gather and input all your roster data into brightwheel.

Gather you room list, student information (at minimum their name and room assignment) and parent information (at minimum their name and email). We then recommend you load it into a program management tool, like brightwheel, to have a central information and communication platform. 

If you are using brightwheel, you can upload your roster (if you’re a premium customer or have more than 20 students) by filling out and submitting our form (recommended) or exporting your roster from another system and submit it to be uploaded. Then, enter information through your account.


2. Customize your operations to meet your needs

Pick the experience that’s right for your program.

Tailor your operations to fit your programs needs by making choices that make sense for your business, your staff, and your classroom community.


3. Train your staff to get most out of your systems

If you have staff helping at your program, be sure to train them on your tools and processes so that staff save time and spend more time focused on the children. 

If brightwheel is part of your toolkit this year, train your staff to ensure they get the most of out of it. You can invite staff here: 


4. Communicate with your classroom community

Stay in touch with families by sending messages, notifications, and reminders right to their phone.


5. Manage your business effectively

Embrace features that boost efficiency in order to manage your business effectively to save time and money.


Looking for others tips and resources?

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