Managing Your Enrollment Pipeline Through brightwheel

Discover how brightwheel makes it easier for childcare providers to manage their enrollment pipeline and generate demand for their centers.

Managing Your Enrollment Pipeline Through brightwheel

Managing Your Enrollment Pipeline Through brightwheel

Managing enrollment is a critical part of running a successful preschool or child care center. What’s more, as centers begin to reopen, providers need to keep track of which families are planning to return and when to stay as close to full enrollment as possible. 

Read on to learn how brightwheel helps providers simplify enrollment management. Plus, learn all about our newest feature, enrollment waitlists!

A single view for all enrollment details

Brightwheel makes it easier to stay on top of enrollment by providing a single dashboard for you to view key information for all students in your pipeline. Each student is given a profile, which includes the program they are interested in enrolling in, their birthdate, the date their application was submitted, and more. 

Once you have all student profiles completed, you can then filter all current and prospective students based on the information in their profiles to see which students are on the waitlist, have completed a tour, or have simply expressed interest in your center.  Plus, you can add notes regarding a student’s enrollment status directly from the Dashboard to stay coordinated with your staff on special circumstances.  

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Introducing enrollment waitlists

We’ve consistently heard from our provider community that managing enrollment waitlists is one of the most time-consuming parts of enrollment management. We know that many providers often manage multiple waitlists, typically by classroom or age. Programs tend to admit students based on several criteria, including the date an application was submitted and whether or not siblings attend the center, among others. Plus, waitlists are constantly changing, which can quickly add up to a complex process.

Now, you can easily build and manage all of your enrollment waitlists in brightwheel! Simply group and rank students by your preferred criteria, quickly search and sort, and enroll incoming families with ease. 

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Learn more about how to strategically manage your enrollment pipeline and download our free eBook, How to Achieve Your 2023 Enrollment Goals with brightwheel! 

If you’re new to brightwheel and would like a personalized demonstration of how to manage enrollment for your center, sign up for a demo here. We are committed to serving the early education community by building solutions that make your lives easier. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve brightwheel, please let us know by emailing us at

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