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May 22, 2023 2:01:36 PM

Supporting Kinesthetic Learners in Early Childhood Education

Child development
Every child processes information differently. A teaching method that helps one child grasp a concept may frustrate another ...
May 19, 2023 9:03:14 PM

A Preschool Teacher’s Guide to Long Vowels and Short Vowels

Understanding long and short vowels is the foundation for literacy in the English language. However, vowels are tricky to ...
May 19, 2023 8:45:52 PM

Early Childhood Education Software

Running a business | Family communications
There always seems to be an endless collection of paperwork associated with education. How are you tracking attendance? Where are ...
May 19, 2023 8:32:55 PM

Strengthening Relationships with a Preschool Parent Communication App

Family communications | Family engagement
As a preschool director or administrator, you know communication is critical to providing a quality early childhood education ...
May 17, 2023 3:52:01 PM

How to Engage Auditory Learners in the Classroom

Child development
Everyone has a unique way of learning. For example, some children excel with visual aids, others with hands-on activities. A ...
May 17, 2023 3:41:56 PM

Mother’s Day Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

Holidays are an especially fun time for preschool children. They’re full of special, themed activities. But, just like most ...
May 17, 2023 3:31:09 PM

Understanding Learning Styles and Multimodal Education

Childhood development is ultimately the ongoing process of learning. It’s when children learn who they are and what’s around ...
May 16, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Implementing Safe Sleep Practices

Child development
A safe sleep environment is vital to the well-being of infants. Adequate health and safety training and understanding of safe ...
May 15, 2023 3:58:57 PM

An Introduction to Co-Teaching Models in Early Childhood Education

Most educators find traditional education models easier to implement than other education models, as it is a reliable method that ...
May 12, 2023 6:49:12 PM

Introducing History to Preschoolers: A Guide for Early Childhood Educators

Teaching history to young children can do more than just entertain them with remarkable stories of the past—it can also be used ...
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