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Ideas and inspiration to help you run an amazing early education center

Apr 17, 2024 8:30:00 AM

Identifying and Addressing Developmental Concerns

Child development
In a preschool setting, it's vital for caregivers to closely monitor each child's growth and development. This crucial task ...
Apr 12, 2024 12:15:00 PM

Teaching Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Child development
April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. For many, it is a time to recognize, remember, and celebrate the accomplishments ...
Apr 11, 2024 6:00:00 AM

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Activities in Early Childhood

Child development
As children grow and develop in school, most milestones focus on academic success. Teachers record or track when children have ...
Apr 9, 2024 6:00:00 AM

Music and Movement for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Child development
Music and movement play pivotal roles in the development of young children. With an innate affinity for rhythm and motion, ...
Mar 29, 2024 7:30:00 AM

Building a Safe Learning Environment in the Classroom

Child development
Creating a safe learning environment is a top priority for early childhood educators. This goes beyond physical safety—it ...
Mar 22, 2024 12:00:00 PM

Childhood Observation

Child development
An essential practice in early childhood education involves observing children. Childhood observation is a deliberate and ...
Mar 21, 2024 7:45:00 AM

Mixed-Age Classrooms in Preschool

Child development
Much of a child’s life is measured by their age. Whether it’s the skills they should be developing by a certain age or what grade ...
Mar 20, 2024 9:00:00 AM

Digital Literacy: Technology Activities for Preschoolers

Child development
Digital literacy is an essential skill for preschoolers to learn in today's increasingly tech-centric world. By engaging in ...
Mar 20, 2024 8:45:00 AM

21 Easy Science Activities for Preschoolers

Child development
Preschoolers may not fully understand science concepts yet, but doing science experiments is an excellent way to lay a foundation ...
Mar 18, 2024 10:15:00 AM

Fun STEAM Activities for Preschoolers

Child development
Our ever-advancing world needs bright minds to create and innovate solutions to global issues. STEAM (Science, Technology, ...
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