The Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts


Here at brightwheel we appreciate teachers every single day. But next week is the “official” Teacher Appreciation Day, and a chance to recognize the tireless and important work those in the profession do. From daycare providers to high school science teachers, anyone who’s made the choice to serve children as their life’s work deserves to be honored!

We’ve polled the former teachers on staff at brightwheel, and have rounded up some gift ideas and insider tips.

Gift cards.

While not an original idea, this is probably one of the more appreciated gifts teachers receive. Starbucks, iTunes, movie theaters, local restaurant, department store, you name it. By this point in the school year, you have probably gotten to know some of the likes/dislikes of your child’s teacher, so you should be able to choose a store/activity that they would appreciate. When in doubt: Amazon!

Pro tip here: Get other parents involved in this idea, and then you can give a gift card with a higher dollar amount, allowing your teacher to splurge on something more expensive.

Heartfelt notes. 

Really, teachers love these! Make your note thoughtful and specific. Take some time to explain why you appreciate them, giving anecdotes or memories you have of the concrete ways they have had an impact on your child and family. Notes from students are also treasured. For the youngest set, ask them to recount specific memories they have of special times in the classroom.

Office supplies.

 We all know most teachers supplement the school-provided supplies needed for their classrooms with money out of their own pockets, so this is also a highly appreciated gesture. Depending on the age group and the teacher, you could go for new markers, pens, construction paper, post-it notes, or even a gift card for an office supplies store. (Two highly coveted items by most teachers: dry erase markers and fancy pens!)

Classroom supplies.

 Again, teachers often supplement their classroom materials themselves, from books to educational games and art supplies. Pick out some recently published, highly rated books for the age group, or replace some classics that have seen better days. Or choose age-appropriate puzzles, outdoor play equipment, or games for indoor recess or free play time.

Volunteer time.

Teachers can always use an extra set of hands! Offer to come in and pitch in as needed. Read to the class, lead a project, assist with small group work, or perform administrative tasks. Or, if you want to be a real hero, offer to come in the last week of school and help with all the end-of-year organization and clean up that needs to be done before summer break.

Whatever you decide to do, what’s most important is that you communicate to your teacher how important they are to you, and how grateful you are that they spend their day nurturing your child. It takes a special person to do what teachers do, and you want to make sure you convey your gratitude for their selflessness!

One last bit of advice: Please, please do not give your teacher another coffee mug. (We guarantee you, they have accumulated loads of them in their tenure!)

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