The Best Apps for Preschool Teachers in 2019

best apps for preschool and child care

As a preschool teacher you juggle many tasks all day. Communicating with parents, reading to your class at circle time, tracking student progress, providing handwriting practice, quizzing students on the basics--there’s an app for that, right? Yep! From staying organized to making use of your classroom technology, here’s our back to school guide to free apps for preschool teachers.


Pinterest is one of the best apps for preschool teachers. We’d bet a million bucks that if you’re a child care professional, you’re already using it. But are you using the world's largest visual search engine to its full potential? Sure you can search for lesson ideas, but did you know you can also organize your school year, find teachers to collaborate with, and keep up-to-date on teaching methods?  


Brightwheel is our easy-to-use preschool management app that helps you manage your day and stay in touch with families. Use brightwheel to record and track daily events and activities in the classroom, and parents get real-time updates delivered to their mobile device throughout the day. This powerful preschool software also offers secure, digital check-in/check-out, and an automated paperless billing system. Brightwheel is a great way to keep your families looped in on daily activities.


Participate (formerly Educlipper) is a social network/learning community for teachers. Share your own content and explore fellow teachers’ work. Participate is an excellent place to find fresh ideas for your classroom. It's not technically an app, but it's amazing and we couldn't resist.

Adventures of Super Stretch

Get the wiggles out and build focus through this preschool app that teaches kid-friendly yoga poses. Use it with your whole class, or kids can use it alone. It includes breathing exercises (perfect for calming down) and photos of real kids doing the poses. Super Stretch uses storytelling to help kids learn balance and focus.

Read Me Stories

This preschool teacher app is great for your emerging readers. Letter recognition, phonics, and vocabulary are all covered in Read Me Stories. Each student gets a tailored experience that tracks their progress. New stories are loaded daily, with built in fluency and sentence formation practice.


This award-winning app for preschool teachers is an immersive preschool curriculum covering a bevy of topics including math, reading, and writing. With Agnitus, preschoolers build basic skills, working their way through a series of books, activities, and interactive games. Report cards track their progress and the reporting tools give you valuable learning insights.  

Todo Math

Highly recommended by Common Sense Media, Todo Math is a preschool app that provides personalized daily math lessons taught through games and missions. Todo Math is renowned for it’s inclusive features, including an adjustment for left-handed users.

Coosi Box

This drawing app allows preschoolers to create digital artwork and share it with other kids around the world. With Coosi Box, kids create original drawings, and can choose from different themes and templates.

Little Writer

If you’ve got iPads available in your preschool classroom, this app is great for developing the fine motor control necessary for writing and drawing. Little Writer is easy and fun to use, and kids get practice with letters, numbers, and shapes.  

Brightwheel is everything you need for your preschool or daycare, in one simple app. Get a demo today!


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