Preschool app

Manage your preschool, communicate with parents, and modernize your operations.

Brightwheel is the preschool app you need for your program.

Brightwheel is an easy-to-use preschool app that will change the way you run your school with modern technology. Our trusted and secure mobile app will streamline your administrative tasks and strengthen parent engagement.

Your teachers will use brightwheel to record the day-to-day in the classroom, and you’ll use it to manage your business. Easily track attendance and reports for licensing and billing, message your families, track staff ratios, share photos and videos, and much more. Your teachers and parents will thank you!

The preschool app you need

Streamline your day

Tame your administrative tasks and centralize your systems

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Save money & time

Reduce paperwork costs and earn back valuable time to spend with students

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Grow your business

Differentiate your center, and increase enrollment and parent satisfaction

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Streamline your day

  • Reduce paperwork

    Digitize daily reports and automatically share with families in real time

  • Simplify check-in

    Replace paper sign-in sheets with digital check-in for students and staff

  • Capture milestones

    Record student progress and developmental milestones with pre-loaded early learning standards

Save money & time

  • Go paperless

    Cut costs and clutter

  • Centralize your systems

    Manage all of your administrative tasks in one place

  • Run reports quickly

    Easily run custom reports for billing and licensing, and payroll reports for timecards

Grow your business

  • Differentiate your preschool

    Offer trusted, modern technology for today’s families

  • Increase parent satisfaction

    Build strong relationships with families by keeping them in the loop

  • Offer flexibility

    Make tuition payment fast, easy, and secure with paperless billing

The brightwheel impact is measurable

85% of users

would recommend brightwheel to a friend

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100% of parents

are more satisfied with their preschool once brightwheel is implemented

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10s of millions

of classroom moments documented and shared each week

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