School administration software

The best choice for early childhood education programs.


School administration software is a necessity for busy preschools and child care programs. With so much happening each day, taking advantage of technology is a must-do task for administrators and directors.

Finding a comprehensive solution that covers all your bases and is easy to implement may seem daunting. Brightwheel is an all-in-one platform with robust center and classroom management functionality coupled with integrated parent engagement tools. It is top rated, highly reliable, and easy to use. From attendance to daily reporting to messaging and much more, we’ve got your day-to-day covered.

Center administration

Handle all of your back-office administrative tasks such as tracking applications and enrollment, maintaining a student and staff directory, and collecting tuition.

Maintain a detailed staff and student directory tracking certifications, contact details and much more.

Plus powerful and customizable reporting capabilities, from attendance reports to licensing requirements, including immunizations, incidents, and much more.

Classroom management

At the classroom level, manage everything from student check-in to tracking the day’s events and maintaining staff to child ratios in real time.

Record and track classroom observations, meals, naps, diaper changes, medications, incidents and more. 

Use a comprehensive, powerful lesson planning platform for weekly and daily planning and measuring child development progress.

Family communication

Keep your families looped in and strengthen the home-school connection with a suite of secure, daily communication tools.

Automate daily reports for families, delivering the day’s events to inboxes each night.

Send school-wide messages, reminders, and alerts, and organize events with our calendar.

Key benefits

A true all-in-one solution, brightwheel is a school management system that offers a comprehensive suite of functionality. Highlights include:


Secure, fast digital check-in with real-time oversight of staff to child ratios and real-time attendance reporting.

Tuition management

Automate invoicing and paperless tuition collection with flexible options for credit cards and autopay.

Digital daily reports

Record daily events and activities and share automatically with families, including photos and videos.


Centralize your communication and family engagement with notifications, alerts, and reminders.

Lesson planning

Create custom lesson plans tied to state standards and track student progress towards developmental milestones.


Access a library of customizable reports for licensing and tuition management and much more.

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