Child care management software

The best solution for busy centers.

The list of administrative tasks it takes to run an early childhood education program is long. Busy administrators and owners are running a business, on top of providing high quality early learning experiences. There are daily tasks, monthly tasks -- not to mention minute by minute tasks -- to be done. The right childcare management software can elevate your program’s operations by handling your program administration better than traditional methods. Cloud-based technology can allow busy directors to tackle to-do lists in key areas of concern.

Office administration

Keep your back office running smoothly each day with a suite of tools designed especially for early education. From enrollment to tuition and beyond, the brightwheel platform will improve your center's workflow and cut down on time-consuming administrative tasks.

Roster management

Upload and manage your classroom rosters and student information digitally, and easily keep them up to date year over year.

Parent engagement

Centralize messaging within one system, and contact families individually, by classroom, or send center-wide alerts and messages.

Tuition management

Automate your monthly invoicing and offer easy and flexible autopay options with the highest level of security.

Admin tools

Maintain real-time oversight of student and staff whereabouts, live classroom ratios and more through an easy-to-read dashboard view.

Enrollment forecasting

Run birthdate reports and filter by current or future age to assist with planning for upcoming enrollment sessions.

Multi-location management

Have more than one center? Oversee several locations at once from an easy-to-use “super admin” hub right on your desktop.


A digital solution to attendance is a must for modern child care centers. Take advantage of technology to improve the management of the flow of children both in and out of your center and also within your center during the day.

Digital check-in

Improve sign-in flow for both staff and children by ditching pen-and-paper and clipboard check-in methods.

Kiosk mode

Speed up morning drop-off by offering a check-in kiosk for busy families. Maintain security with no more lines!

Drop off forms

Gather required and optional information from parents during drop-off time, stored digitally for all staff members to access.

Security measures

Gather digital signatures for licensing purposes, and/or require parent passcodes to sign-in. Or use a QR code scan method for sign in.

Ratio tracking

Oversee real-time child-to-staff ratios from a convenient dashboard, allowing for close monitoring of required staffing levels.

Attendance reporting

Run attendance reports for billing, scheduling, and licensing. View data per child, per classroom, or for your entire program.

Analytics and reporting

Brightwheel offers a robust reporting tool, with many options for improving data entry for internal use or for compliance purposes. Right at your fingertips, you have real-time access to all of the information you need for planning, scheduling, and assessing.

Attendance reports

Access check-in data for licensing and billing purposes. Customize how you’d like to view your data, stored in the cloud for the highest levels of security.

Daily reports

Generate and automate digital daily sheets for families, delivering the day’s activities and highlights in a nightly email.

Room reports

Monitor check-in/check-out and child-to-staff ratio data in real time, for scheduling and licensing purposes.

Staff reports

Access staff timecards and run time-worked reports for easy calculation of payroll and for planning purposes.

Child reports

Choose from a menu of customizable reports on classroom activities, allergies, incidents, immunizations, and much more.

Expiration tracking

Track important expiration dates for both staff (CPR certifications, PD hours) and students (immunizations).

Staff management

Managing a full staff roster--and all the information associated-- is another key to running a successful center. Brightwheel is a software solution to assist with HR tasks like keeping up-to-date staff records and managing staff hours for payroll and scheduling purposes.

Profile management

Centralize staff information in a digital profile, where you can track contact information, hire dates, PD hours, certifications, and more.


Track and record staff work hours and required breaks using a secure, easy-to-use, digital sign-in system.


Export staff work hours for running payroll and cutting paychecks, and easily integrate with any accounting software.


Track required staff certifications (CPR) and their associated expirations to stay up-to-date with licensing.

Professional development

Record and monitor PD hours and trainings within each staff member’s profile, and store level of education and degree information.

Administrative privileges

Ensure security by controlling what sensitive information your staff can access, and by maintaining optional control over what staff can share with families.

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